About us

Our history

Amed srl is a young startup born in Palermo specialized in design and implementation of innovative biomedical implants leveraging additive manufacturing technique to realize custom-made prostheses with perfect anatomical fit.


  • 2017The partnership

    Prof. M.D. Felice Pecoraro, Prof. Eng. Massimiliano Zingales and Doct. Eng. Emanuela Bologna, the Company’s founders, entered into a partnership.
They started working together on ANEURIS, an innovative patient specific cardiovascular stent and the instrumentation useful to release it in intraluminal area, making geometrically complex Abdominal Aortic Aneurism (AAA) treatment feasible by EVAR technique.

  • 2018ANEURIS

    Medical instrumentation for ANEURIS intraluminal insertion was patented in Italy.
Amed srl, acronym for Advanced Medical Engineering Device, was founded. Amed won Start Cup Palermo 2018 and Start Cup Sicilia 2018. It was awarded title “the best innovative startup” at A&T PNI Industria 4.0 and obtained business incubation at Talent Garden center (Turin) for a year.
  • 2019ANEURIS awarded

    ANEURIS project was awarded by EIT Health Ris Innovation Project 2019.
Medical instrumentation to implant ANEURIS was patented in Europe and USA. First ANEURIS prototype was realized and in-vitro tests have been performed. Amed became academic spin off of Palermo University.
  • 2020Funding

    Amed received major funding
Amed received major funding from Smart&Start Italia, Invitalia.
  • 2021 Prima Industrie S.p.A

    Amed and Prima Additive entered into a technical and commercial partnership
Amed and Prima Additive, division of Prima Industrie S.p.A., entered into a technical and commercial partnership to process Nitinol powder by means additive manufacturing technique. Amed has been scored a 2.5 M€ for the project “PROTESI-CAM” by MISE (Italian Ministery of Industrial Innovation).


Amed activities are focused on various business units:
- cardiovascular stent-graft for Abdominal Aortic Aneurism (AAA) treatment (ANEURIS);
- custom cranial plate;
- maxillofacial implant;
- custom knee replacement prostheses (I-KNEE).

Mission and Vision

We care about people quality of life.

Our mission is to faithfully reproduce patient’s anatomy and guarantee the minimal operation invasiveness, short post-implant hospitalization and the best integration of prosthetic implant with human tissue, thus increasing lifespan of medical device.

At Amed, we are working to produce customized implants with a perfect fit, by combining the more advanced anatomical reconstruction and modeling techniques and the power of additive manufacturing, thus offering solutions designed specifically for the individual. We also offer, if required, custom cutting guide needed to create implant site.

Our vision: we aim to build trust and become the benchmark of surgeons and patients. We want support them, by choosing and implementing the best medical solution for the individual, ensuring the best performance in terms of quality and safety.

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